Translation, Review and Editing

We do not outsource translations.
Our work is generally superior to that of agencies because our
dedicated, experienced and professional translators abide to the
rules of the art. All are in-house native target language speakers.


  • From English to French.
  • From French to English.


  • Translations are billed per words.
  • DTP or miscellaneous work is billed per hour.
  • Screen dumps are billed per hour or per file.
  • Minimum commitment: $65.

Rates per word (source language)

15 ¢ ~ 24 ¢ Plain text files (standard language, without formatting).
18 ¢ ~ 29 ¢ Web sites, PHP sites, blogs, help systems, tutorials, FAQ, software, animations, slide-shows, graphics, images.

Hourly rates (translation, editing, adaptation)

$36 ~ $44 Translation (according to deadlines and technicality).
$44 ~ $53 Editing, reviewing, adaptation.

Urgent tasks and specificities (translation and editing)

  • 20 % surcharge (except very short plain text).
  • 30 % surcharge for weekend work and very short deadlines.
  • 10 % discount on large projects (over 50 000 source words).
Differences in rates for translation and editing are due to the following factors:
Deadlines, technicalities, redundancy, specific constraints, project size, weekends, holidays, etc.

Hourly rates (technical support for Windows 7 and Windows XP)

$55 On-line technical support.
$65 Home technical support (plus travel expenses).
FREE French help, advice, tips and suggestions for Windows 7 and Windows XP on

Tax free rates outside of Canada

  • In Canada, add G.S.T.
  • In Québec, add G.S.T. + Q.S.T.


  • Our services are payable on delivery (money order or bank transfer).
  • Client is responsible for all fees related to payment.

Exchange rates

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